Where to buy Guitar Strings Online or Near Me? 1

Where to buy Guitar Strings Online or Near Me?

I’m not sure the question is how long can I keep my strings on, but more like when should I change them?  The best and quickest answer is often.  So where to buy guitar strings online if you aren’t sure?

We’ve got the answer for you, if you’re in a hurry skip to here now.

If you’ve got some time, we wrote a whole article on this subject for you newbies and experienced rockers!

Why should you change your strings?

They will sound so much better with a new set on.  That goes for bass, electric, acoustic guitar’s.

Ok, now i’m sure you are thinking if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? Wrong!  Now sure, if you break your high E string and you could change that out fairly easily.  And that goes the same for any other string on your instrument.

Here is what you might notice about that one string you just changed.  It is much brighter than all the others, for sure!

Ok, you’ve heard many people probably say you can’t buy one brand new tire and leave those other three old ones on.

It’s sort of the same for your guitar, but in other words, you will hear some flat strings and 1 new shiny bright string.  It’s going to sound all out-of-whack!

When you need to change the strings on your guitar

As humans, our bodies have oils, especially on our hands.  Most strings are made of metal.  Mix a little science in there and you get corrosion and build upon those metallic strings.

As you can imagine, that will do enough damage to them to change the tone.  They sound very mid-tone.  It’s not good.  And if you’ve ever heard a guitar that had strings on it from 3 years ago, you know what I mean.

So, here a few examples of when to change your strings;

  • Before a concert
  • Going to record in a studio
  • Playing for your girlfriend’s family

Obviously, the first two are the most important, your partner will understand and love you anyway.

Now, let’s say you were on tour and you can barely make gas money and have enough left over for a bean burritos at Taco Bell, what should you do?

Guitar players I think can use their strings for about 1 week depending on the shows.  They are cheap enough to change out once a week.

Bass players, my god, we really get the short end of the stick.  You can keep yours on for twice as long.  At $25 bucks a pack, this could add up!

The key is to wipe your instrument down every time you are done playing it.  This will help dry your sweat and oil off and therefore prolong them from sounding like awful.

Where to buy guitar strings online or near me?

This day and age you can get them at lots of local stores.  Look for a local guitar shop if you can, help out locally every-time.

If you’re in a pinch, try your local record store.  Or these following places;

I prefer to order guitar strings online.  I usually get a bulk package and that saves a ton, especially before a tour.


If you’ve made this far, you can tell how easy it is to pick up a fresh pack just about anywhere.  Now to get the best quality, go to your local music store or online.  Any other place will have them, and they might work but they also might breakfast and or sound pretty bad.  Good luck, keep on rocking’!

Where to buy Guitar Strings Online or Near Me

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