What Mic Does Drake Use -Live on Stage 1

What Mic Does Drake Use -Live on Stage

We often get asked what mic does Drake use for live concerts and in the studio.

The wireless microphone he uses is called the Sennheiser Digital 9000.  It’s such a great mic that a whole ton of other performers use it.  Adele, Jason Derulo, Zac Brown Band, and Drake to name a few.

Sennheiser Live Wireless Microphone Comparable to Drakes

This company has been around a long time and has gained respect over the years for the high quality, awesome sounding equipment.

When I hear people ask what mic does drake use, I tell that.

Is there a cheaper model?

This is a great microphone that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars.  It is wireless and using the same technology and sound as compared to the digital 9000.

It doesn’t matter what style of music you like, rap or rock, this can make your performance sound 10x better and for that reason, this is now our favorite to use for live concerts.

Sennheiser EW 145 G3-A-US handheld super-cardioid EW system
is the best runner-up. Here is why:

The purist natural sound is captured by the cardio capsule meanwhile it can block the negative noises you do not want.  Meaning, performing live you only want the sounds you make, and being live your mic might pick up a lot of instruments, audience sounds.

You only want nothing but the best, this is what you get.  This thing can resist feedback, that is especially helpful for loud stage amps and drums, or you like to wander around the stage.  Imagine having a sweet mic that could do that.

Some EQ stuff

The Sennheiser EW 145 G3-A-US has this cool feature called the soundcheck mode on the receiver, which makes checking your RF signal strength and audio levels continuously.

Simply push the G3 sync button and that will link to the transmitter, super easy!

The receiver has a built-in five-band EQ.  That will give you the advantage to get the best sound and lock it in.

So what mic does drake use, here it is.

So there it is a super expensive one.  But I told you about a cheaper option the Sennheiser EW 145 G3-A-US.  IF you want that Drake sound, this is the one to get.  It’s wireless and sounds pretty amazing.  Resources:

Sennheiser SKM 9000 BK COM Wireless Digital Handheld Transmitter with Command Function, A5-A8 US, Black

Cheaper Choices For Drakes Microphone:

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