What Audio Interface Does Finneas Use? (Answered)

By Bob •  Updated: 05/20/21 •  5 min read

In a recent video, Finneas talked about what he uses in his personal studio.

Finneas mentioned that he prefers to use an audio interface for recording and mixing purposes in the video.

The Audio Interface is a crucial part of any professional music production setup because it allows us to route our instruments and vocals into the software we are using to record, within this case, Pro Tools.

It also has inputs for microphones as well as outputs for speakers or headphones.

What audio interface does Finneas use?

He uses the Universal Audio Apollo 8 interface with Apple Logic Pro X.

He records and mixes in his bedroom.


How many inputs do the Apollo 8 have?

It has eight input channels.

This means that you can record up to eight separate audio signals simultaneously – even if they’re coming from different sources!

There are two mic pres, which have a +48V phantom power supply for condenser mics and other high-impedance dynamic microphones.

The inputs on Apollo offer excellent signal-to-noise ratio performance; this ensures your recordings sound crisp and clear.

What virtual plugins come with the Apollo x8 audio interface? 

Apollo x16 comes with sixteen tracks of simultaneous I/O in TotalMix FX – great for converting home videos or stereo mixes into accurate surround sound mixes, without any extra gear required! 

The world’s best music recording and production software are bundled with the Apollo 16 Audio Interface; it has various plugins, EQs, compressors, reverbs, and delays to improve your recordings!

The interface also includes effects rack that can be used by inserting any UAD Powered Plug-in – digital equivalents to industry-standard hardware processors like Neve® filters for guitars or sweeteners such as harmonizers and pitch correctors.

Why does Finneas record in his bedroom instead of a studio?

Well, here are a couple of reasons. “I’m always on the go and want to make my life as simple as possible, so recording at home is an easy option for me.”

He likes to keep it simple, so he can turn it on and push record when an idea pops up.

“I don’t like to spend a lot of time setting up gear. And, I love having all my ideas in one place and feel productive when they’re there, which is why it’s essential for me to only have what I need so that everything stays organized. Recording at home is more intimate for me.”

What is Logic Pro X?

Logic Pro X is a very powerful application that will allow you to produce your own music in just about any way imaginable.

It’s a “canvas” where you can create songs from scratch and remix tracks or deconstruct and rebuild an existing music library.

With its built-in virtual instruments and recording features, Professional Audio suite featuring Sonic Reality Amp Plug-In Suite (requires IAA), Comprehensive Audio Units plugins collection for Mac & Windows®, high efficiency slimmed graphics system for working with extensive sessions of music, pitch/time editing software with key commands optimized for scorewriters as well as expressive MIDI sequencing performance toolkit – nothing comes closer to delivering everything musicians needs to create and record music.

Do you need a UAD interface to use UAD plugins?

No, but you will need a UAD-compatible audio interface to plug your gear into.

The interface gives your equipment the power to connect with other devices and computers.

The Finneas studio has a UAD Apollo Twin Duo audio interface, which he uses for all his recordings.

The following are some excellent compatible interfaces that you might want to consider if you’re in search of an upgrade or replacement for your current setup:

* Antelope Audio Zen Tour MKII (24/192)

* Focusrite Scarlett Solo (16/44.100)

* Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo (24/192, 16/48, and USB I & D)

Who mixes Finneas music?

As a solo artist Finneas often mixes his own music, but when it comes to recording Billie Elish, two engineers are at the helm – one of them is Finneas, and the other is Rob Kinelskir.

Eilish’s songs are handed off to Rob Kinelski for mastering.

“Everything that I’ve sent that he mixed is pre-compressed and pre-panned, and all the reverbs and all delays are pretty much already there,” O’Connell said.

“I’m not looking for [Kinelski] to ‘fix’ anything; he just makes it a little more balanced because everything comes out of my bedroom at my parent’s house with too much bass.”


The album sounds excellent everywhere thanks to Kinelski’s work, as well as John Greenham’s mastering.


Finneas is a talented musician and producer that has created some fantastic music.

He uses the Universal Audio Apollo 8 interface with Apple Logic Pro X to make his tracks available on iTunes for purchase or streaming through Spotify, Soundcloud, and other digital services.

His new album “Blood Harmony” was released in October 2019 and featured the hit “Break my heart again.”

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