The Shure SM57 SHURE SM57 REVIEWis a mic you can put on anything, and I mean anything. From, guitars to drums to horns to overheads, this is necessary. That’s why you need one or two in your studio arsenal.  Our Shure Sm57 Review will explain a ton of reasons why this is awesome.  Keep reading.

This is built by Shure, a company that has been making great audio products for decades. You can see that this mike is an industry standard when it comes to mic’ing live and studio audio. I personally use this on guitar amps. You see, they have been built to take on intense sound waves like guitars. They really sound great on the guitar cabinet. I usually place the mic about an inch away from the speaker, that’s where the best sound is if you ask me.

What Can You Use The Shure Sm57 Microphone For?

Like I said above you can put this go-to mic on everything. Here is what I’ve used and still use it on in the studio and on stage.


Check out this video of an experiment using 4 SM57 microphones to record drums. It’s pretty cool!

Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone


Yes, it’s true, I get the best sound using this microphone on a guitar amp. You can put this super close to the speaker cone, I usually go slightly off-center and about 1″ away. This has always given me the best sound out of the amp. You can crank the amp to the normal level you have it at and you’re fine.

These are small enough but built strong, especially for live events. I have dropped these and drummers are always hitting them. I’m just saying, these are really well-built. But back to the sound, as long as the amplifier sounds good, put the Shure Sm 57 on it and you got yourself a true sounding mike. Is this the best guitar amp mic? In my opinion, yes for the live stage it has the most natural sound.

I have used some expensive “guitar mics” on amps, and holy smokes, they are so tinny and hard to EQ. That’s why I always go to the trusty Sm57.

Shure Sm57 For Guitar Amp

In the studio, I love to isolate the guitars. And for mic’ing, I always use the SM57. Why? Well, for super distorted cranked up amplifiers, this can take that raw sound and record it naturally. That is one of the many great things about it.

I usually go the same way I mike on stage, up close and off-center. But it’s okay to experiment with the sound. I often when recording will place two 57’s about 3-feet back from the amp and so that it get’s a stereo sound. I don’t point the mics at the amp, but more at a 45 degree away from the speaker. This gives it a fuller and stereo sound that really sounds huge. No need for a big expensive condenser microphone. Put two of these on and you now have the best mic for recording guitar amp.

Best Snare Mic

Hands down, this is the one you want to use on the snare drum. Here is why it’s small and built like a tank. Drummers often don’t hit the same spot back-to-back, and occasionally the mike get’s hit. But no worries, this is why I love this mic.

I will just find a spot away from the drummer and put the 57 on top, about an inch away from the head at an angle. This will give you a natural sound. Do I mike the bottom, um no, that sounds like complete crap? If you try it you’ll know what I mean.

You might have some hi-hat’s bleed thru, but It’s okay to add a compressor or a gate to the snare mic. Overall, it is still the best snare mic out there. Most fancy mics can’t handle the attack of the snare. So, go with this and you’ll be happy.

Best Trumpet Microphone

Just like the snare or guitar amplifier, the trumpet puts out a super loud frequency that is hard to capture close up. The trumpet can be miked at a close range thanks to this mike. You won’t lose any sound quality of the brass, like the others it will be captured naturally.

Really, for live and for studio I use it. Is it the best trumpet microphone, that i’m not sure about. I only know that the Shure sounds really good on it, so I use that when It’s needed.

Shure Sm57 for Vocals

I am a big fan of this microphone and use it for A LOT of instruments. Yes, it sounds good and can be put on just about anything. Especially those instruments that are super loud and hard to tame. Put this on and you’ll understand why this is used by everyone! The Shure SM 57 is the best all around microphone to have. There is nothing more to say about this awesome mic, I hope you find many uses for it in your studio or your live gigs.  Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone  Thanks for stopping by to read our shure sm57 review.

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