How To Make A Kick Drum Sound Good – Quick Easy Tip

By Bob •  Updated: 11/13/15 •  2 min read


Having a crappy kick drum sound can ruin a recording real fast.  I’ve heard some that sound like basketballs being bounced.  I’ve heard ones that sound like annoying over compressed clicks.  And ones that are just way too loud and sound terrible a flat tire.

There are a couple tip’s I recommend.  And this topic we will write about over and over again, because we personally love a good kick drum sound.  But first things first, you need a good kick drum mic.

Second, you need to have a good kick drum head on.  That can make the HUGE difference and save you hours of editing and EQ’ing time.  Also, it must be tightened and tuned properly.

Then you’re going to want to position your microphone correctly.  Play around to find the best sound.  For me, I like to go half and half.  What I mean is I like to have the mic about half-way in and about half-way from the top to the bottom.  You want that nice thump and you also want to hear the click of the beater.

A friend of mine just put up a great video of how to get a good kick drum sound.

What he recommends and it’s very easy to do in editing.  You want to make a copy of the kick drum and work on the EQ.  That’s really easy to do using any software really.  Watch the video, and maybe give his technique a shot.

This is just one of hundreds of tips and tricks the pros use.  Do you have any tricks or tips you use?