Shure SM58 Review — It’s Legendary


Our Shure SM58 Review, it is the workhorse of all vocal mics you see at any music venue or I’m sure your buddy has a few in his box as well. You’ve seen it before, you’ve probably used it before, so let’s dig deeper and find out why EVERYONE uses them. Here are some features: … Read more

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Review

best 50 mic

This is quickly becoming the ultimate microphone for pod-casters. But not just that, this microphone can also be used in a P.A. or recording, designed for stage and the studio. You see,this microphone comes with a USB cable and a XLR cable. his might be the only mic right now that can do that. I’ll … Read more

CAD U37 REVIEW — Great for podcast

cad u37 review

The CAD U37 is one of those plug it in and go usb microphones that are great for podcasts and generally use with your computer. You can record right to your computer, and it will make your computer now seem like studio quality. But that’s just the beginning of the adventures, you can record all … Read more


best chuch microphone

Live audio can very intimidating, especially when there is an audience present.  Things can go wrong or your voice might not sound very good during the session. You also need to figure out the size of the church, is it big, is it vaulted or is it a smaller community room?  The room does make … Read more