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CAD U37 REVIEW — Great for podcast

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001AIQGUO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”musiclaptop-20″ width=”312″]The CAD U37 is one of those plug it in and go usb microphones that are great for podcasts and generally use with your computer. You can record right to your computer, and it will make your computer now seem like studio quality. But that’s just the beginning of the adventures, you can record all kinds of instruments too!

This is a dynamic mic that is designed for such frequencies for singing, vocal over-dubs and guitars. What you get is a whole lot of mic for a very little, meaning this is priced perfectly for the beginner podcaster and so on.

CAD U37 Review Features

  • Record straight into your computer
  • USB Plug and Play technology
  • Podcasters Love it
  • Comes with a Desk Tri-pod
  • Large Condenser Mic (warm, big, rich tones)
  • Works with Mac and Windows (no software to install)

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The Usb Jack makes it easy to just plug into your computer. No need for an audio interface, when you can control and eq right on the body. Using two switches, one allows you to decrease sensitivity, and what that means is, if the signal is really LOUD just hit this switch and it takes it down -10db. The other is a bass reducer, sometimes you just can’t help pick up those really low bass tones, hit this switch and you’re back to a clean signal.

The review of the CAD U37 is you get a big mic for a small price. You can just plug it in without an interface or extra software. Start making your podcast sound amazing with a tiny upgrade of this microphone. Your listeners will really appreciate it!

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