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In this article I go over my favorite pre-amp for around $120 dollars.

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You can’t beat the price, and for what you get it can really take the microphone to the next level.  Here is why:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00B1QS5J0″ locale=”US” tag=”musiclaptop-20″]PreSonus Tubepre Single-Channel Vacuum Tube Mic Pre[/easyazon_link]

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Packed nicely into a hard rugged case.  The TubePre V2 from the front you can manage the operations and see on the backlit VU meter how the signal is coming.  Also and indicator if you do start to clip the signal.

It include phantom power for your condenser microphones.  Reverse polarity switch and a high-pass filter.

The PreSonus Tubepre is amazing.  What makes this stand out is the option of how much audio you can send through the tube.

Looking for the right amount of warmth, this pre-amp has it.

One nice thing is you can really crank the output gain and still manage to get a nice audio sound back.  Sometimes that necessary to do, but not damage the quality.

This particular amp is very quiet, and for the price that something I wasn’t expecting.

The Tubepre is more than just a vocal mic preamp

This is not only for vocals, you can use this as a (DI) Box for going direct with guitars and bass.  It’s small and compact, so you can literally take this to your next gig or rack it into your system.

It has 2 separate instrument and microphone inputs.  You can plug a 1/4″ guitar cable right into the back.  And use the tube to bring the gain and warmth up.


On a Budget

I personally understand the hesitation for buying another piece of equipment.  You’ve already purchased enough.  But, do you want a bigger more colorful sound from your vocal mic?  Then, this is the next piece of  equipment I highly recommend.

You just can’t beat the price for what this little guy gives you.  Even if you have a dirt cheap set-up, this will kick it up a notch.

The Wrap Up

The Tubepre is a great little vocal preamp with nice price point.  You can make your vocals and vocal mic sound 50X better by adding the warmth and colors that in this product gives.

If you’re new to the home studio, knowing what I know, this is the preamp I recommend for the budget.  Especially if you’re doing your recording on a laptop.  Sometimes vocal mics just need that extra bit of juice and running it through the tubes is the secret sauce.

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