Best Portable Turntable – Time to Spin Again

Why in the world did vinyl get such a bad rap?  I didn’t need to get rid of the best portable turntable.  Were you one of the ones who thought playing records were going out of style faster than you could say I need all the Led Zeppelin records but on CD?

best portable turntableYes, regretfully, we all made that HUGE mistake.  I’m sorry vinyl, it wasn’t you, it was me.  I just needed something smaller, shinier, and something I could play in my car.

It was a huge mistake, but alas, you have stood the test of time, and we want you back.  Why, because you sound SO good.

I just love putting that needle on the record and hearing the small audible sounds of crackle before the first note hits.  Yes, that warmth, that unfiltered, unaltered, big sound!  Nothing beats playing a record and bring back that nostalgia.

Recently I missed this all too much; I had to get it back, but how?  Do record players even exist anymore, besides at the Smithsonian museum?

Oh yes, they do, and in fact, they are making a come back.  And now we feel like idiots for even giving away or worse of all throwing away our vinyl.

Let me introduce to you what I am talking about, the best portable turntable or record player, whichever you prefer to call it.  Today’s technology and yesterday’s have combined the sweetness and the warmth we have been waiting for, for decades.

Best Portable TurnTable

Best Portable Turntable - Time to Spin Again 1
The Jensen JTA-230 3 is my favorite portable turntable and apparently the best seller on Amazon for that category.  Let me go over some of my favorite features:

  • It can play three different speed records – 33,  45 and even 78 rpm.  I have ton’s of 45 singles and LP’s too.  So like a normal record play, you just have to pop the adapter in the center, and you can now play your 7″ singles.  78’s are thicker and have wider grooves in the vinyl.  So, you can play 78’s, but you need a three mil stylus.
  • Built-in-Speakers – Yes, it is portable, and the speakers are all in one with the unit.  They have a great stereo speaker system.  Yes, you can connect to separate speakers as well and sounds great.  Note, you won’t need a preamp, it has one built-in.  You can also connect your iPod or phone to these speakers as well.
  • Convert vinyl to mp3 – Unlike a lot of USB record players, they aren’t able to play out loud.  This unit has the USB technology built-in as well, you can convert your vinyl to mp3 no problem.  The software is included.
  • Pitch Control – Easily adjust record speed as well volume control and tone control.
  • Affordable – This is a greatly priced turntable at around 50 dollars.  It would make the perfect gift for your dad, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or any vinyl enthusiast who wants to get back into playing records.

As a music lover, this is hands down one of the best portable turntables I have owned.  It has everything on it and takes up very little space.  How I love that option, being portable I’m able to drag this anywhere.  In the kitchen when hosting parties or out on the deck in the summertime.

Jensen is a reliable company, and they didn’t leave anything out when designing this unit.  The built-in stereo speakers sound nice, they aren’t super loud, but that’s OK, you can always connect to bigger ones.

For the money, this is the record player you want.  At least to get back into it, you can always upgrade and keep this one, at least for converting to digital format.  Five stars all the way!

Vinyl is Coming Back!

LP sales were up 38% in 2015, and the growth is still climbing.  This is excellent news for us.  In fact, the most significant vinyl pressing plant is expanding.  They plan to add 16 more presses to the already 30 they have.  I wonder if album price will start to come down a bit.  But none the less, vinyl is not going away, it is back.

There are tons of reasons why this is, and many will argue that vinyl just sounds better.  True, but something is missing with songs you download instantly from iTunes.  That is the physical copy in your hand.  You don’t get that with digital music.

Seeing the record, physically putting it on the turntable to play it, and hearing the crackle before the song starts is all a real thing.  A thing we miss for sure.

The best portable turntable is the Jensen JTA-230.  It has everything you need to start playing your records again.  Built-in stereo speakers, audio outputs, and inputs.  It is portable and easy just to pick up and carry to the next room and play records.  It sounds excellent while entertaining guest for dinner.

Why not bring back nostalgia, start spinning those records again.  Leave a comment; I would love to talk more about records.

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