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Live audio can very intimidating, especially when there is an audience present.  Things can go wrong or your voice might not sound very good during the session. You also need to figure out the size of the church, is it big, is it vaulted or is it a smaller community room?  The room does make a difference for sound and we will keep that in mind as we go along.
We put together this guide to narrow down the best church microphone for you to use.  Let me explain the two types microphones before we go into the different styles that would be best to use.


Basically the are categorized by how they pick up the audio pattern.  Every mic responds differently to frequencies, so choosing the right one will make the biggest difference in the world.

  • DYNAMIC – Most likely this will be the type you go with.  These work best for Vocals like public speaking.  The also work well on instruments.  What I like about this style of mic is that the mic isn’t so “hot”, meaning the sound will only come in the front part, instead of all around.  It also won’t pick up small sounds around you, just your voice.  This gives the speaker better control.  This is ideal for any place or style of worship.  See below for examples.
  • CONDENSER – These aren’t very common in churches.  They tend to be higher end with price, although the price has come down in the past few years.  If your pastor prefers a lapel mic or perhaps a wireless microphone, this is the type it would be.  If it is a large place, this might be ideal for your speaker so they can freely walk and have the control to switch on and off when needed.  These mics also sound great with choirs, pianos, strings and even drums.  Examples below


Cost-wise, you can get a great microphone for under $100.  Keep in mind, this one will have to be plugged in straight to the sound board or PA.  Some options you can look at are the on/off switch.  This is important to have for shutting off for prayer and singing.


There are a few options for a wireless microphone.  You can get a handheld, with on/off switch and a remote pack that would go in your back pocket.  You can control the mic from there.  You can also get a lapel to attach to your clothes.  Same situation with the remote pack.



The most important part of this is that your church service sounds the best with little knowledge needed to get it to work.  The option is up to you, but it is a good idea to keep the size of the room into consideration when choosing which one you get.  If you don’t have to walk around too much and it’s just going to be stationary, go with a wired.  But, if you need to be all over the room, the front, the back, then a wireless is the way to.


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