AKG C214 Studio Recording

This is a go to mic I use in my studio all the time.  We get people asking me why, so here is my Akg C214 Review.

I can get some great sounding recordings using this on guitars, especially acoustics.  I like to pair these on my drum tom-tom’s as well, you get a real natural full sounding tone. Best of all are the vocals.

The large diagram makes this condenser pick up and absorbent amount of tones and sounds that record beautifully.

The reason I got this was because I was on a budget.  This is the more affordable microphone from akg.  Paired well with a good pre-amp and this will blow your socks off.

AKG C214 REVIEW - (SO GOOD FOR, RAP, ROCK OR INSTRUMENTS) 2AKG C214 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Samson Pop Filter and Cable

For the low price, you really get an awesome microphone.  And here is the deal, you don’t need to spend 1000’s of dollars to get a true, natural sounding microphone.  Our Akg C214 Review will make you want to own this, more about that later, let’s go over some of its features.

Outstanding dynamic range

Here is the thing with the C214, whether or not you are a rapper or a solo musician, this microphone can capture those tones better than a microphone in the range of $1000 on up.

I’ve never heard a microphone pic up the tones of an acoustic guitar and amplify and make them sound 10x better, like I have with this.

You can place the mic up close or a few feet away to get the depth of the room or the closeness of your voice or instrument.  Play around, it has the dynamic range.

Engineered Excellence

This is built really well.  It has a solid metal body with a rugged mesh to protect the diaphragm.  This doesn’t change the sound, it just protects the most important part.  What it’s protecting is a large 1 inch diagram, that freely vibrates and picks up the high frequency’s that translate the details over to your audio interface.

Legendary Large-Diaphragm Sound

To sum it up, this is the nucleus of the microphone, and this is probably the only akg c214 review to refer to it like that.  But it’s true.  This is a larger capsule capable of 143db dynamic range.  This is able to get those real up front super detailed tones with instrument or voice.

Thanks to a switch that can cut 20db and a low filter cut.  Can this mic be used in all environments?  Yes, it has a high 156 db, so it can be used for drums and guitar amps, and I must say the guitar amp sounds wonderful as do floor toms.  It can also handle the super high brass instruments.

Akg C214 Review – Rap Vocals From Youtube

We like these mics for many reasons, but recording drums and guitars are our favorites.  They have that rugged outer metallic body that, makes me feel at ease, especially when a drummer is hitting the tom so close to where the mic is.  I guess I would be pretty bummed if they hit the mic, but I also know it would be destroyed.

We also like it for rap vocals , it has the clarity and picks up those details that are hard to come thru with so many lyrics at once.

I have two, because they are cheap enough that I could afford two, and plus I think having these on drums is my trademark sound.

Words from the Company, and we agree

This microphone is legendary.  It is found in most recording studios a common go-to tool, like a hammer would be to a construction worker.

Used to make thousands of hit records and frequently used on the live stage.

Should You Buy It?

We think so, it will surely help your project studio seem like a big production.  It’s a nice sounding piece of equipment.

The price, the sweep pad and frequency curve are 3 reasons to consider adding this to your collection.  We find it comparable to the Neuamann KMS 104, but for half the cost.  Thanks for reading the Akg C214 Review.

  • Affordable
  • Average Review
  • Sound
  • Multiple instrumets
  • Rap Vocals


Excellent Microphone that can be used on multiple instruments. This shines on vocals and guitars.

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